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MinistrySafe Partnership Continues to Provide Vital Resources for Global Methodist Churches

By Dianne Burnett

To ensure the local church remains a place to allow for people to make disciples of Jesus Christ who worship passionately, love extravagantly, and witness boldy, it is vital that the safety and protection of children, youth, and vulnerable adults be a top priority for every congregation within the Global Methodist Church. To aid in these efforts, nine months ago, the GM Church announced it was providing the services of MinistrySafe to all of its congregations.

“By partnering with MinistrySafe, the Global Methodist Church reaffirms its commitment to fostering safe, nurturing environments for all its members,” Rev. Keith Boyette, the Global Methodist Church’s Chief Connectional Officer. “MinistrySafe provides best-in-the-industry resources to assist GM Church annual conferences and local churches with policies vetted by attorneys and training tools to ensure that every employee and volunteer is adequately prepared to maintain the safest environment for the persons to whom we minister.”

Utilization of MinistrySafe affords GM Church congregations access to invaluable resources at no cost. The cost for access has been paid by the general church. These resources include a comprehensive safety system that incorporates awareness training, a library of videos and print resources, policies and procedures, and monitoring and oversight. In addition, conferences and churches have access to background checks performed by an industry leader at reduced prices.

Since MinistrySafe’s inception, more than 16,000 organizations have trained over one million staff members and volunteers, on six continents in various languages. On average, MinistrySafe trains 25,000-30,000 people each month—live and online.

“MinistrySafe provides the tools necessary to reinforce our dedication to safeguarding the vulnerable and upholding the highest standards of accountability and care within our churches.” Boyette said. “I have been heartened by the number of conferences and churches that have already enrolled and are using these important resources. Every conference and local church should take advantage of this benefit of being part of the GM Church.”

One of the key components of this partnership is the awareness training provided by MinistrySafe. Model policies and procedures empower leaders to structure their ministries to provide the greatest safety and security for participants. By providing churches with a comprehensive set of guidelines, the GM Church and MinistrySafe are helping to establish clear expectations and protocols for handling situations related to child safety. This not only helps with prevention, but also ensures that appropriate action is taken if an incident does occur.

Additionally, local church leaders and volunteers are trained to recognize and respond to signs of abuse and misconduct. With this knowledge, congregations can empower their members to be vigilant, prevent abuse by creating a culture of responsibility, and, when necessary, remove and hold abusers accountable for their actions.

By implementing thorough background checks, churches can do all in their power to ensure that only individuals with a clean record and a heart for ministry are allowed to serve in positions working with children, youth, and vulnerable adults. This is a crucial step in creating a safe environment for all.

Finally, by using MinistrySafe, local churches receive regular reports on whether leaders and volunteers are up-to-date in training and renewing background checks. By having MinistrySafe training and background reports, churches can have peace of mind knowing that they are doing everything they can to protect persons served by their ministries.

To take advantage of the resources through MinistrySafe, local congregations can sign-up at and select, “Become a MinistrySafe Member.” The Discount Code, “GMC2024,” will need to be entered before access to a dashboard will be granted. The dashboard serves as the hub for resources and allows tracking of training and ordered background checks.

If you have questions about the MinistrySafe partnership, please email your questions to [email protected].

Dianne Burnett is the Global Methodist Church’s Executive Director of Communications.

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