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Convening General Conference Update

With the highly anticipated convening General Conference in San Jose, Costa Rica, rapidly approaching, the Global Methodist Church is delighted to announce the launch of the convening  General Conference website.

The website is currently in its first phase and will continue to expand as more information is solidified by the various General Conference committees. It will include pages for registration, travel information, prayer guides, recognition of sponsors, and more.

The website will serve as the central hub for all information and updates related to the convening general conference. It will provide the latest and most accurate information about the General Conference, making it easy for people to stay informed and involved.

 Per the instructions for doing so, all GM Church members and local churches can submit petitions for consideration. The website provides a seamless platform to do so. This makes the process efficient and organized for everyone involved.

Take a moment to visit the website at and explore all the features it has to offer. We hope you will find it easy to navigate and informative.

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