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Seven Ways To Reintroduce Your Global Methodist Church Congregation to Your Community

By Chassity Neckers

Benson Global Methodist Church in Benson, North Carolina –

“We are excited you are here!” This is something I say to a new person every Sunday morning, and on behalf of the people of the Global Methodist Church, I am saying it here to you as well!

In July, the Global Methodist Church celebrated that 3,100 local churches have joined the new denomination with more joining every week. We give thanks for those who have joined, and we continue to pray for those who are doing all they can to affiliate with us. We look forward to welcoming them.

Choosing to become part of the Global Methodist Church movement is a decision bathed in prayer, discussion, and discernment. It is also a time of great excitement as many local church members ask, “We’ve joined the Global Methodist Church, now what?”

This is a good time for local GM churches to reintroduce themselves to their communities, displaying, in word and deed, the warm and grace filled Methodist expression of the Christian faith. As you begin your journey as a Global Methodist congregation, here are seven ways you can share the news.

Place an announcement in the newspaper

Your local newspaper is an excellent resource for sharing the news of your congregation’s new name and affiliation. If there is a specific contact for your local paper to submit stories, send them an announcement. While you will want to joyfully share your church’s new name, reassure the community the congregation is as committed as ever to its mission. If your church has ministries that serve the community, assure your readers those ministries will continue uninterrupted. And if you have an upcoming ministry opportunity, mention that as well.

As you put together your own announcement, here is a recommendation to get you started:

[CHURCH NAME] is pleased to announce it is now [CHURCH NAME] Global Methodist Church (or a congregation of the Global Methodist Church). The Global Methodist Church is a new and growing denomination rooted in the Wesleyan tradition. As a local expression of the Global Methodist Church, we are excited to continue to partner with God’s mission in our community and around the world as we make disciples of Jesus Christ who worship passionately, love extravagantly, and witness boldly. To learn more about the Global Methodist Church visit

Place the announcement in your church newsletter

Leverage your church’s newsletter to make sure all your church members and attendees are aware of your new affiliation and name. While the information will be similar to the newspaper announcement, your church newsletter is a great place to briefly explain the congregation’s passion for fulfilling its mission in the community and around the world.

Share the news on your social media channels and website

As you prepare to share the news with your congregation and your community, social media and your church website are great avenues that allow you to communicate with both. Update your church’s website and social media profiles to reflect the new name, logo, and branding. Share posts and updates about the name change, highlighting the positive aspects and the significance of the new name and affiliation. Be sure to monitor social media channels so the focus remains on your local church’s dedication to fulfilling its mission in word and deed.

Bonus: You can create a paid social media post or “boosted” Facebook post inviting your community to join you for worship. This will allow you to reach more people with the news.

Create a video

Becoming a part of the Global Methodist Church is big news! It is also a big change. Seeing a familiar face can humanize the change and allow people to connect on a personal level. One way to accomplish this is by sharing the news via a brief video. A video does not require the multi-camera production of yesterday; you can film a simple video on your phone. A few recommendations: choose a clean, non-distracting background, stand near a window for natural light, and speak clearly. Also, keep the announcement brief; a one to two minute video is best.

This video can be shared in a communication to your congregation and on your social media channels. Get creative – include multiple voices within your church community or leadership!

Mail a card or brief letter to the people in your community

 Yes, snail mail is still relevant! You can send out a postcard or printed letter announcing your news and inviting the community to join you for worship. Tools like Every Door Direct Mail can be great for this type of outreach.

Visit the places your church ministers to and share the news

The people beyond the walls of your church have a vested interest in its health and vitality. It is essential to make them feel valued and cared for during this transition. Set aside time to have the pastor or a church representative meet with leaders in your schools, community organizations, retirement centers, nursing homes, etc. to share the news. This will assure that your partnerships in the community will continue while also allowing people to ask questions and seek clarity around the news.

Host a celebration or open house for the community

As faithful followers of Jesus, it is not enough to tell people what you are about, you have to show them as well. Global Methodist are committed to seeing lives transformed by Jesus through the power of His Holy Spirit – worshipping passionately, loving extravagantly, and witnessing boldly! A new name on a sign does not replace grace-filled and earnest evangelism. Take this opportunity to invite those who have never stepped through your doors and to reconnect with those who stepped away. Invite them to experience your warm-hearted and vital church community. Host an open house event where people can come and learn about your church’s history and mission, and its connection to thousands of other Global Methodist churches. You can offer tours, refreshments, interactive displays – and maybe add in a couple of bounce houses for the littlest visitors.

Lastly, the greatest way to reintroduce your Global Methodist church to your community is to reflect the heart of Jesus. This is the time to boldly step out in faith and reach out with grace and love for the community where God has planted you.

Here are a few extra links as you get started:

  • Need the Global Methodist Church logo? Contact Walter Fenton, [email protected].
  • View the Global Methodist Church Brand Book to see the correct usage of our logo.
  • Stay in touch with Global Methodist Church news through our Crossroads newsletter and share it with your congregation. Encourage your congregation’s members to subscribe to Crossroads so that they get the newsletter for themselves.

Chassity Neckers is a freelance writer and communications and marketing expert who lives in Ft. Wayne, Indiana. She is also a member of the Great Lakes Global Methodist Church Leadership Council.

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