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The GMC Store Opens Today

By Walter Fenton
December 4, 2023

The Global Methodist Church has opened the GMC Store, an online site where its members can purchase a variety of products for local churches, annual conferences, and personal use. All profits the denomination realizes from sales will be invested in its Ministerial Training Fund; a fund created to assist individuals aspiring to serve as clergy persons in the GM Church.

“We are excited to offer attractive, high quality, and officially authorized products to all GM Church members, and to begin investing in clergy members who will lead our local churches for years to come,” said Ms. Cara Nicklas, Chairwoman of the GM Church Transitional Leadership Council. “This is just the beginning of a win-win endeavor. I am confident the GMC Store will continue to grow and add many more products that will help us spread our message and support future pastors.”

Working with Tulsa, Oklahoma, based HiCORP Inc., the Church plans to offer everything from pens and note pads to apparel and clothing, and banners and signs. HiCORP Inc. has 55 years of experience helping diverse organizations create products for a variety of markets. Its over 200 clients include large businesses like Phillips 66 Gas Stations and and 7-Eleven Convenience Stores and non-profits like the George Kaiser Family Foundation, an organization supporting early childhood education.

“My father launched our company back in 1968, and while we have experienced tremendous growth, we remain a family-oriented organization that takes great pride in being faithful partners with our clients and investing in our dedicated employees, who have contributed so richly to our success,” said Mr. Brad Camp, HiCORP’s President and Chief Executive Officer. “We look forward to a long and mutually rewarding relationship with the Global Methodist Church.”

Since the denomination’s inception, GM Church leaders have stated that a core operating principle of the church will be creating an organizational structure that is creative, frugal, and nimble. Instead of building numerous agencies and entities owned and operated by the denomination, it hopes to partner with organizations that have proven track records in a variety of fields.

“The GMC Store will allow us to provide products to Global Methodists all around the world without sinking critical financial resources into bricks-and-mortar and hiring managers and employees to do what HiCORP has been doing for years,” said the Rev. Keith Boyette, the GM Church’s Chief Connectional Officer. “We’ll all learn and grow together as we leverage HiCORP’s expertise in product development and delivery. I believe it will assist us in creating resources that help us make disciples of Jesus Christ who worship passionately, love extravagantly, and witness boldly.”

The GMC Store opens today with an initially limited range of products and inventory. HiCORP officials said they will closely monitor the GM Church products customers purchase, will fill orders as quickly as possible, and restock as needed.

“This is truly a partnership,” said Mr. Richard Ekhoff, a HiCORP sales consultant with over 25 years of experience. “Given our history in the business, we can bring many product ideas to an organization’s attention. And of course, we’re always learning from our customers what items they’d like to purchase. I’m confident that as we learn from one another we will build a great GMC Store!”

To go to the GM Store, click HERE.

O Rev. Walter Fenton é o Oficial Adjunto de Ligação Igreja Metodista Global.

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