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Learning about the Global Methodist Methodist Church

April 6, 2022

The Global Methodist Church has recently posted a number of resources on its website to introduce the new denomination to clergy and laity.

All of the resources are general in nature, focusing on the church’s mission, vision, faith formation, organizational distinctives, and missional priorities. The resources are designed so they can be shared in small or large group settings.

The resources consist of a downloadable video just over a minute in length, seven full color brochures, and an approximately 15 minute Power Point presentation. Instructions for downloading all of the resources are included on the designated webpage. To access the resources click HERE.  

The Global Methodist Church is also archiving all of its Crossroads articles for easy access. Crossroads is the new church’s free weekly e-newsletter that started posting articles on the website in January 2022. The articles cover a variety of topics, and frequently share critical information on how local churches, clergy, and laypeople can join the Global Methodist Church. To view all of the back articles click HERE. To receive Crossroads on a weekly basis, people can click HERE to sign-up for it.

Additional items will regularly be added to the resources section of the website.

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