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Global Methodist Church Joins Forces with MissionInsite: Strengthening Ministry through Strategic Partnership

By Dianne Burnett

In a move aimed at bolstering resources and support for its conferences and churches, the Global Methodist Church has announced a strategic partnership with MissionInsite. This alliance will equip provisional annual conferences and local congregations with resources and tools to better understand and serve their communities.

MissionInsite, powered by ACS Technologies, is a leading provider of demographic and analytical tools for churches, offers a range of resources designed to help congregations better understand their communities, tailor their ministries, and communicate more effectively. Through this partnership, GMC’s conferences and churches will gain access to MissionInsite’s wealth of data and insights, empowering them to make informed decisions and strategically plan for the future. These resources are made available to conferences and local congregations at no cost as the Global Methodist Church has purchased the services using general church connectional funding.

“We are excited to partner with MissionInsite to equip our churches and conferences with the resources they need to thrive in today’s ever-changing landscape,” remarked Keith Boyette, Chief Connectional Officer for the Global Methodist Church. “Using tools provided by MissionInsite, a conference or local church can understand more about the community where they are in ministry learning about the needs, hopes, and dreams of their neighbors.”

Example of MissionInsite’s mapping tools.

Among the resources offered by MissionInsite are up-to-date demographic profiles, market analyses, and community mapping tools, all of which can be tailored to the unique needs and characteristics of individual churches and communities. By leveraging these insights, GM Church congregations will be better positioned to identify opportunities for growth, develop targeted outreach initiatives, and cultivate deeper connections with their surrounding neighborhoods.

Example of MissonInsite’s mapping tools.

“All of us at ACS Technologies and MissionInsite are excited to be a trusted ministry partner with the Global Methodist Church. MissionInsite resources assist church leaders in translating community data into essential knowledge that empowers vital ministries. We have always believed that to love your neighbor, you must know your neighbor. Relationships with neighbors build the Kingdom. We look forward to building relationships with leaders and congregations of the Global Methodist Church,” stated Chuck Salter, Vice President of MissionInsite and Ministry Advancement, ACS Technologies.

As the Global Methodist Church continues to expand its reach and influence, this partnership with MissionInsite will play a crucial role in equipping its churches for success in an increasingly complex and dynamic world. With access to MissionInsite’s tools and resources, GM Church congregations are equipped to embark on a new era of growth, service, and transformation in their communities. This collaborative initiative not only empowers individual conferences and congregations, but also strengthens the overall growth trajectory of our denomination. Through this partnership, the Global Methodist Church reaffirms its commitment to advancing its mission and vision with renewed vigor and effectiveness.

For more information and to explore more of the resources available through the partnership, visit our dedicated Global Methodist Church landing page at As a conference or congregational leader, you can register to begin using the resources of MissionInsite at no cost by clicking on “Register for the Study” and providing the information requested. By selecting “Download User Registration Guide,” you will be able to access a number of guides that will help you understand how you can use MissionInsite to its greatest advantage. Finally, by selecting “MissionInsite Training Video,” you will access twenty-seven videos that will assist you in using all of the resources included in Mission InSite.

Dianne Burnett is the Global Methodist Church’s Executive Director of Communications.

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