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Global Methodist Church Expands with New Conferences in Central Africa, Tanzania, and Panama

By Dianne Burnett

GMC leaders share Gospel with Masai community in Arusha, Tanzania.

The formation of new provisional annual conferences outside the United States is a complex process. A leadership team in a country must initially be identified to lead the effort. Application must be made to the national government to recognize the Global Methodist Church as a religious entity. Recognition can take months.

Recently, the Global Methodist Church was recognized as a religious organization in three countries – the Central African Republic, Panama, and Tanzania. Immediately, the GM Church began receiving clergy and churches as members in these countries. The Transitional Leadership Council has now announced the formation of provisional annual conferences and appointed presidents pro tem for each country. In addition, each of these new conferences will be represented by delegates at the convening general conference in San Jose, Costa Rica in September 2024.

“Led by dedicated clergy and laity, and fueled by the commitment of congregations aligning with our mission and vision, these developments mark a crucial milestone in our mission to spread the message of faith and community,” said the Rev. Keith Boyette, the GM Church’s Transitional Connectional Officer.

In the Central African Republic, Rev. Lucien Dockpa has been instrumental in spearheading efforts to secure legal recognition for our denomination and will serve as the president pro tem. Similarly, in Tanzania, Reverend Upendo Likondi has been at the forefront of efforts to obtain legal recognition for the GM Church.  Reverend Likondi has been named president pro tem of the Tanzania Provisional Annual Conference.

In Panama, Reverend Luciano Pereira Da Silva has worked diligently to obtain governmental recognition for the GM Church while at the same time leading a church planting movement that is sowing seeds for churches to be planted across Central and South America. In recognition of his leadership ability and passion for the Gospel, Rev. Da Silva has been named president pro tem of the Panama Provisional Annual Conference.

“The establishment of new conferences in the Central African Republic, Panama, and Tanzania reflects the vibrancy of the Global Methodist Church as we continue to extend our presence and impact globally,” said Rev. Keith Boyette, Connectional Officer of the Global Methodist Church. “These developments highlight the dedication and commitment of our clergy and congregations to advancing our shared mission. We are confident that the Central African Republic, Tanzania, and Panama Provisional Annual Conferences will serve as beacons of hope, faith, and community” said Boyette.

Dianne Burnett serves as the Global Methodist Church’s Executive Director of Communications.

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