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Dianne Burnett to serve as GM Church’s First Director of Communications

Par Walter B. Fenton

Dianne Burnett, Executive Director of Communications.

“I am incredibly humbled and filled with excitement as I prepare to join the remarkable team at The Global Methodist Church,” said Dianne Burnett, the GM Church’s recently hired Executive Director of Communications. “I eagerly anticipate witnessing the amazing things that will unfold for God’s glory through our denomination.”

For the past nine years, Burnett worked for Grace Health System in Lubbock, Texas, serving in a variety of roles including Director of Marketing and Communications. She developed their marketing and communications department before transitioning to an operations position where she continued to oversee those efforts in addition to other responsibilities. She received a bachelor’s degree in communications from Texas Tech University (Lubbock) and a master’s degree in business administration from West Texas A & M University (Canyon).

“Nearly 40 people applied for the Executive Director of Communications position, many with stellar qualifications,” said the Rev. Keith Boyette, the GM Church’s Chief Connectional Officer. “Dianne’s educational background and work experience impressed us, but even more than that it was how warmly and enthusiastically her colleagues commended her to us. They spoke to her strong work-ethic, her creativity, and her candor. In her interviews, we appreciated her combination of confidence, curiosity, and passion for connecting with people. The role she is assuming is filled with major challenges, but we all sensed her faith and enthusiasm will help her rise to the occasion!”

As the GM Church’s first Executive Director of Communications, Burnett is charged with developing its communications strategy so it can share its mission with people around the world. As a key member of its leadership team, she will play a pivotal role in helping the church grow and flourish.

A native of Texas, Burnett lives in Lubbock with her husband Keagan, and their two daughters Hadley (9) and Merrytt (6). They attend Aldersgate Church, a GMC congregation in Lubbock, where Burnett serves as a worship co-leader, service leader, and volunteers with the prayer and kids ministry team.

“Methodist churches have played a significant role in shaping my life since I was a young girl,” said Burnett. “And I believe the guiding hand of the Lord has led me to serve His kingdom through this special movement; it is a blessing beyond what I could have ever imagined or asked for in my prayers.”

Burnett assumed her duties on January 30, 2024.

Le Révérend Walter Fenton est le responsable adjoint de la connexion sur le site Église Méthodist Globale.

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