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An Essential Source for a Growing Church

By Walter B. Fenton

“The inspiration for the name of the Global Methodist Church’s e-newsletter – Crossroads – came from our dear friend, the Rev. Dr. Jerry Kulah,” said the Rev. Keith Boyette, the GM Church’s Chief Connectional Officer. “Jerry preached a powerful sermon based on Jeremiah 6:16, where the Lord says, ‘Stand at the crossroads, and look, and ask for the ancient paths, where the good way lies; and walk in it, and find rest for your souls.’ Many of us remembered that sermon and its text; as we prepared to launch the GM Church, the image of the ‘crossroads’ seemed a good fit for a denomination and an e-newsletter launched in challenging and exciting times.”

In less than 18 months, Crossroads has logged over 11,000 subscribers and is growing rapidly. The free weekly e-newsletter is principally dedicated to sharing news and important information about the GM Church that helps local church members and clergy connect to the new denomination. Crossroads’ articles also explore the core confessional beliefs of the GM Church and how they shape the way Global Methodists bear witness to a Wesleyan expression of the Christian faith. Readers can subscribe by clicking here.

“I think every member of a Global Methodist congregation should subscribe to Crossroads,” said Ms. Cara Nicklas, Chairwoman of the GM Church’s Transitional Leadership Council. “In this transitional period, clergy and laity justifiably have a long list of questions about the new denomination. The great thing about receiving Crossroads is that the answers to many of their questions are addressed in detail. Whether it’s a question about planting a new church, exploring John Wesley’s emphasis on connectionalism, or something in between, a Crossroads article is likely to have addressed it in one way or another.”

All the articles that have appeared in Crossroads are available on the GM Church’s website, and are easily searchable and accessible. A language tool in the lower right corner of the webpage allows readers to convert the articles into Spanish, French, Portuguese, Korean, and Kiswahili.

“We are happy to do whatever we can to answer people’s questions when they call,” said Ms. Teresa Marcus, a GM Church staff member. “However, given the flood of phone calls and emails we receive, many people have to leave messages, and it often takes us a few days to respond. Subscribing to Crossroads and also thoroughly reviewing the Church’s website will typically yield an answer to a person’s question faster than we can respond to it. We are doing everything we can to make information as accessible as possible to our members, and Crossroads is a critical way we can keep people informed and help them get connected.”

To subscribe to Crossroads, please click HERE.

You can learn more about the Global Methodist Church by exploring its website.

The Rev. Walter Fenton is the Global Methodist Church’s Deputy Connectional Officer.

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